Willie Villegas

Cary with Willie Villegas, host of the cable TV show Salsa En La Calle, producer for/performer with Entre Amigos, who has played with (among others) Eddie Palmieri, Frankie Ruiz and Tito Puente. Tour with Cary and you never know who you’ll meet!

Puerto Rican Day Parade

Cary at the 62nd annual National Puerto Rican Day Parade. He’s an avid salsa dancer and joins with his Latino brothers and sisters every year. Tour with Cary and you never know who you’ll meet. #prparadenyc #PuertoRico #NYC #NYCTourGuide #CaryNYTourGuide

Alfredo de la Fé

Cary with Alfredo de la Fé, Cuban-born Grammy-nominated violinist who singlehandedly imported the violin into Salsa and Latin music. He has appeared in concert or on albums with Tito Puente, Celia Cruz and Santana, among many others.

Only In New York (Part 1)

Welcome to “Only In New York” – the first in an occasional series about events in New York that could only happen here. You’ll understand.

First up? Cat Camp. This is a weekend-long adventure all about exploring and celebrating your love for cats. It is billed as an immersive experience with a summer camp-like atmosphere that includes a cat cafe, cat yoga, speakers (including cat behaviorists, vets, and even information on how to turn your love of cats into a business), arts & crafts, adoptable cats, workshops and more!

We’re not making this up. Visit CatCampNYC.com